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Website Optimization

Most websites on the internet, including professionally designed websites, are in need of search engine optimization. Some more than others. Websites that have been around for years may show up on page ten or higher or not show up at all in the search engines. Most people who are looking for something on the internet will find it within the first two or three pages. Nobody wants to click through ten or more pages to find what they are looking for. If a website is on page three or higher, that website is loosing customers to the competition.

If you are asking yourself "Why is my website not on the first page?", don't worry, there are a lot of folks with websites that are asking themselves that very question. It could be from missing Title, Description, or Keyword Meta tags, or they might just have the wrong content in those tags. It could also be that the keywords do not appear in the page in the right places, or a whole list of other things. There is no absolute guarantee that a website will ever get on the first page of a search engine, but with Search Engine Optimization the chances that a website will move up in rank increases dramatically. Getting to the top does take time though. It can take anywhere from a week to a few months before results are seen. Though it normally only takes two or three weeks, there is no guarantee when the website will be re-indexed by the search engine. We prefer to work only on HTML and PHP websites. We can work on other types of websites such as ASP but we cannot guarantee the results.

How it works:
We start by having you fill out a simple form with details about what you need and the address to your website. We will review the website and contact you to discuss what we find, as well as what it will cost. If we agree to optimize your website, there is a flat fee of $165, optimizing for two search terms and up to 10 pages. If the layout or content on the website needs changed, or there is a shopping cart on the website, there may be added cost, which we will discuss with you prior to starting any work. The form can be found here. You are under no obligation whatsoever by submitting this form.